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"Real" ungespundetes Kellerbier
Posted by Jason on 2018-08-04 02:39:58
I just watched the Shelton Bros video, very interesting. The 'Keller' they were at is a private one. Of course Keller just means 'cellar' and they are all over Oberfranken, where people store perishables. The beer they were drinking and lagering was 'Hausbraeubier'. A number of breweries do this. The people bring their own barrel to the brewery on a given day, it's filled with 'young' beer and they take it back to their keller and lager it for however long their taste dictates. It's great for the breweries because they save valuable space and of course allows for a variety of personal taste variations. So this beer has no longer anything to do with Buettner. 

This really is a fascinating side to life here that most 'tourists', even lifelong visitors, wouldn't know about. I have a friend who was born in Reckendorf. His father has a keller. We have often talked about buying Hausbraubier and lagering it ourselves. I need to make this happen. 

So perhaps I can answer your question better now: "real" ungespundetes kellerbier is made by the people. And your chances of trying it are slim to none. Unless you know someone... 
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