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Wagner - Oberhaid
Posted by Jason on 2018-06-22 05:19:51
Re Spezial, actually the U sometimes has some diacytel in and Gregor sometimes mumbles about some off flavours in the lager but we are really being picky here. I never used to bother with diacytel but that Keesmann batch was just awful. 

Re Faessla, just like John, as long term but occasional visitors it could be that you never taste it. But they had a period where they increased capacity and needed new fermentors - in the interim the beers were lagered insufficiently. Faessla is not so popular because the beers are average and give a hangover (apparently). I had the misfortune of meeting a friend in the Faessla Stub'n a few weeks ago, God awful place, and the beer was dire. Almost certainly dirty lines and glasses, but still. Had a pils in the brewery last week; uninspiring but no faults. That was my opinion and doesn't detract from yours btw. 
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