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Posted by Jason on 2018-05-30 14:39:53
Huh? A brewery is judged on the quality of its beer. Nothing else really. A pub/outlet is judged on other things in addition to the quality of the beer they pour. But still, the atmosphere, service, additional drinks or edibles does not (in my opinion) make Knoblach any better than tens of breweries in the area. It’s solid. If you visit once or twice a year you might get lucky and think it’s exceptional. If you live here you experience that all over, if you know where to go. 

Its fine. I’m writing this at Hummel in merkendorf. They’re throwing a party. 5 beers all bayerischer Anstich. 4 more on draft. Brass band playing. Great beer. Great service. Good food. One of the best breweries in Franconia. But yeah, to each his or her own. 
                   Bockbieranstich  by Mike on  2018-05-30 22:44:58
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