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Posted by FredW on 2017-10-07 22:38:54
I'll be in Bamberg from Thursday Oct 19 thru the afternoon of Thursday Oct 26. The first four days are with 6 other folks. We're starting in Antwerp, then Düsseldorf for Sticke bier at zum Uerige and then Bamberg. We are staying at Spezial and Fässla.

Friday morning we will head to Merkendorf (by bus), starting at Wagner. Last year we never made it Hummel as we were having such a great time, but Hummel is on the schedule. Then a quick beer at Drei Kronen and Höhn on the way back to Bamberg. No plans for Friday night but if up for it maybe Rotenschild or Pizzini or Pelikan.

Saturday we'll have lunch at Cafe Abseits (11am) and drink whatever Bockbier Gerhard can dig up for us, the stops at Keesmann (if we leave in time) and Mahrs, just to see what is on. Then a table reserved for at 6pm at Schlenkerla. After that, who knows...

Nothing planned for Sunday except we'll have dinner at Spezial at 6pm. Monday three of the guys head to Frankfurt to fly home and the other three head to Nürnberg for the day, then an early flight Tuesday from NUE. I'll be sticking around until Thursday after lunch. It's been 10 months since I was last in Bamberg (the longest absence I've had sinc 2002) so I will need some serious replenishment smiley

Anybody who is around is welcome to join us or if you want to meet up after Monday that is fine too.
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