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Maisels & Friends Craft beer fest / More weird train stuff
Posted by barry on 2017-09-14 06:16:05
As I understand (and it's plastered all over DB trains), it is against their regulations to use a train without a valid ticket, with a fine of €40 plus the cost of the ticket (the last from memory) for transgression.

On one of our earliest visits to Bamberg, we walked out to Hallstadt looking for the Goldene Loewen (I had read the late John White's visit report); sadly, it was closed.  It was a very hot day, so we walked to the Bahnhof, which was barely a Bahnhof in those days.  As we arrived, a train rumbled to a stop.  It was an old train and there was hardly any platform, which made it quite a struggle to get on, especially for Jacqueline.  The conductor asked us for our tickets and I looked suitably blank and offered to pay.  He was actually quite nice and gave us a little telling off but took our money anyway.  I wouldn't like to rely on such generosity of spirit nowadays, as things seemed to have tightened up a lot.
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