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Beer supplier? No probs.
Posted by MatW on 2017-08-24 04:14:16
Hay I can get beer from every brewery we visit and pass them over when we meet, that is no problem. One of each type of beer made, or just one from each brewery? We are also visiting Nanni Brau on Wednesday and I'm going via Red Castle on my way up from the airport. On Thursday I want to head off towards Bad Windesheim area so can get some from there as well.

           Beer supplier? No probs. by Jason  on  2017-08-24 05:47:44
             Beer supplier? No probs. by MatW on  2017-08-24 06:57:59
               Beer supplier? No probs. by Jason  on  2017-08-24 07:50:51
                 Beer supplier? No probs. by MatW on  2017-08-26 03:36:15
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                     Message for Jason. by Jason on  2017-08-27 04:17:50
                       Message for Jason. by MatW on  2017-08-27 04:56:47
                         Message for Jason. by Jason on  2017-08-28 01:24:47
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