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Sauer (Gunzendorf - Buttenheim) Closed
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-22 03:10:34
[Not to be confused with any other breweries named "Sauer".]

I don't see any discussion of this, so am posting it now. I learnt at the Bierkeller yesterday that they stopped brewing "a couple of years ago", and yea verily, that CAMRA chap says
Gunzendorf Sauer 2015 Brewery and tap both closed - beers brewed by Eschenbacher.

Everyone at the table agreed the beer was always sketchy; I'd not bothered with it myself in a decade or so. But the "good" news is that the Senftenberg-Keller now serves Hönig of Tiefernellern.
   Sauer (Gunzendorf - Buttenheim) Closed + Tiefernellern quality by Mosquit on  2017-07-22 11:23:54
     Sauer (Gunzendorf - Buttenheim) Closed + Tiefernellern quality by barry on  2017-07-22 12:11:43
       Sauer (Gunzendorf - Buttenheim) Closed + Tiefernellern Gaststätte by Nick B. on  2017-07-23 02:22:30
         Sauer (Gunzendorf - Buttenheim) Closed + Tiefernellern Gaststätte by Nick B. on  2017-07-23 02:29:56
         Sauer (Gunzendorf - Buttenheim) Closed + Tiefernellern Gaststätte by Gavin on  2017-07-24 00:45:19
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