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gold ochsen spielbach
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-23 11:34:56's just the peculiar relationship you lot have with food and pubs...or not, as the case may be. Since these people down here consider beer a foodstuff, they like to eat along with their drink. It's something they sort-of share with Oregonians, where I lived for a long time before moving here: state law requires that any place that serves alcohol also serve proper food -- not just pickled eggs, crisps, and peanuts. Like, warm food.

So I'm used to eating something when I drink. Especially if I'm driving and I've not eaten anything since the evening before.

I think I won't be driving there. It's just too far, and then if it's as good as you all say, I won't want to have just 1-1/2 Seidla and then turn around and drive back. (I'm not big on drink-driving.) I think it will have to be an overnight in Rothenburg o.d.T., or an early Sunday train/bike return trip. Mrs is not opposed the idea of an overnight there.

When I think back on my car-based life in Oregon, and imagine if someone were to have suggested I drive 90 minutes each way to sample one (1) Hell, I would've suggested that they were a looney. Yes, it's not just the beer, but even the tavern itself with the matron and her querying my presence there and all that.


If she were pulling pints of Harvey's......
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