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Open brewery door fest
Posted by Barry on 2017-05-28 06:39:44
Sorry about the false start but it's very awkward typing standing up, on the window cill, on a tablet! It's the only place where I can get a signal in this apartment.

Anyway, journied down to Forchheim yesterday, which was very hot again, around 27 grad. Ignored the crowds around the tent outside ​Hebendanz and went into Neder. The rooms were closed with everything happening in the yard beyond the back doors that are normally closed. This is quite narrow and runs down the side of the brewhouse. 

Inside was a singer/accordion player rattling out the usual drinking songs ('prosit') etc and a sizeable crowd obviously enjoying themselves.  The first stand was offering a Neder bierprobe, 0,1l glasses of their different beers. As I've had most of these, I carried onto the stand selling Annafestbier. Many of you will have tasted this but it was new to me and I found it really delicious - like a maltier and probably a bit stronger version of the normal Fassbier. Mind you, it was selling at an Annafest type price of 3 euro a Seidla - expensive for Neder. What the hell, fill me a Krug!

After a couple, I took off for Greif, bypassing Eichorn. A tent was erected outside to sell beer and I opted for a Schloebberla, again a very malty beer and excellent.

As it was so crowded, I headed back to Neder. The crowds had thinned out a bit, so I bought a festbier and got a seat near the bar, where I got into conversation with my neighbours. Eventually, the town band started to play and were really good. Two more Seidlas and it was time to head for the station and home.

Overall impressions: like a typical Frankische street party, loads of happy, friendly people, a bit of music and lots of beer!

Feeling a bit indifferent today but, as it is beautiful again, will probably head for the Keller later. It's a hell of a life if you don't weaken!
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