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This summer's experience of Franconian beer
Posted by Jason on 2022-08-16 04:02:50
I was thinking about this yesterday and i wondered if it was me having lived here for 6.5 years. To me, there don't seem to be many 'stand outs' these days. I was at the festival in Bad Staffelstein yesterday and whilst I enjoyed it, I found the beers really rather average. Didn't even try the Metzger beer as was with Andy a few weeks' ago. It was fine then but nothing mind blowing. Yesterday most of the beers were far too over carbonated (a common theme these days) and the best was probably Thomann (ironically). Of course beer is best drunk at the brewery. Festivals are always a little hit or miss, though I would safely bet the beers would have tsasted far better served from gravity but that is another dying trend. 

After the fest I went to Kerwa Monday and Doerfleins and, as usual, the kellerbier was just far superior to anything at the fest and is indeed 1 beer that has remained consistently up there. Roppelts is one that I've always found overrated but perfectly drinkable/pleasant. Wouldn't touch Rittmayer and Lieberth is always consistenly good and is my pick of the Kreuzberg. Brauerei Rittmayer in Aisch on the other hand is another one that remains in my top 5. As is Bayer Theinheim. Knoblach is good if you like that bitterness, Holzlein the same if you don't mind the butter, Post in Tiefenellern is one that (to me) has lost it's shine and also another one that doesn't have barrels any more. I feel Schrufer has improved. Sonne Muersbach is great. Buttenheim is a disaster compared with 10 years' ago. 

Anyway, before I start making a list I'll stop. Change is a fact of life and maybe we (or I) just stick to the ones I know (which I kind of do anyway). I don't want to pee on anyone's chips here - still lots to enjoy and it's always different as a tourist once or twice a year. Plus the beer is not the only focus of drinking in Franconia. 
         This summer's experience of Franconian beer by AndyH on  2022-08-16 04:38:41
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