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Annafest, thoughts and opinions
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2022-06-19 14:52:17
Btw one trick we used years ago was to take a taxi from the bahnhof to the top of the hill. This way we start at the top and wind our way gradually downhill throughout the day. The last time we tried this a few years ago the taxi driver refused to do that. I suspect the city has put the kibosh on taxis driving to the top during Annafest. It is a residential neighborhood up there after all and the residents perhaps complained about it?
       Annafest, thoughts and opinions  by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-06-19 23:19:40
         Annafest, thoughts and opinions  by Mark Andersen on  2022-06-20 05:14:15
         Annafest, thoughts and opinions  by Andrew H on  2022-06-21 00:26:02
           Annafest, thoughts and opinions  by Mark Andersen on  2022-06-21 06:41:08
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