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Lagering in Keller
Posted by Jason on 2022-05-31 09:44:50
I would say very tenuous. Maybe Hausbrauerbier. Though it isn't transferred  with the yeast (aside from what's not been removed), it ferments very gently, It's more the temperature and the lagering time that is important. 

Also,  concerning real ales, all I would say is that the same beer delivered to 2 different but both capable landlords will taste the same. And real ales dont like being moved because the yeast won't settle any more after a certain amount of being thrown about. 

Finally, I have remembered a Keller that does (or did) lager its beer in the Kellers: Gambrinus Keller in Unterhaid. The beer is brewed elsewhere (Göller i think) to the old recipe apparently, but is lagered at the kellers. Its actually good from memory, and the Keller is a great place but its gotta be hot. 
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