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Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2022-05-22 13:17:22
A bus will get you close to Roppelts Keller, but the other Kellers are up the steep hill on the Kreuzberg.  An option I have used is to take a taxi from Hirschaid to the top of the Kreuzberg, visit those kellers, and then at least the walk to Roppelts is downhill.  To return you can either get the bus (at Stiebarlimbach) or call another taxi back to Hirschaid train station.
               Kellers by Andrew H on  2022-05-23 06:31:36
               Kellers by AndyH on  2022-05-23 08:47:42
                 Kellers by Andrew H on  2022-05-23 11:45:56
                 Kellers by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-05-23 16:49:54
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                   Kellers by AndyH on  2022-05-25 09:34:26
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