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Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl
Posted by pivnizub on 2022-04-11 22:51:44
"Maracuja-Pastry-Sauer-Ale" This is the "Bier", the world was waiting for... What a pity, to misuse such a beautiful brewhouse for fancy "hipster-brews".
The question is, who will  brew at Roebersdorf.? Gänstaller brews were also produced in the last time in the former Weber Brauerei...
     Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl by Mosquit on  2022-04-12 00:19:46
     Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl by GerhardSchoolmann on  2022-04-12 01:26:19
       Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl by pivnizub on  2022-04-12 04:39:05
       Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl by Jason  on  2022-04-12 15:01:07
         Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl by AndyH on  2022-04-13 03:39:31
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