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Annafest and others
Posted by Jason on 2022-02-20 05:52:30
After Mark's comments earlier I thought it prudent to add some news on the local festivals front. 

As with much of Europe, Germany is scaling down COVID measures over the coming weeks. By Easter masks will hopefully be the last remnants until the winter (forever, if possible, though doubtful). The Bavarian PM Söder said the other day that he doesn't see any reason why local festivals cannot go ahead this summer. He did caveat by saying "with precautions". So it's a positive with a caveat. I'm sure some festivals just won't go agead based on the fact there may be ANY sort of restrictions. But Annafest should happen. The Nuremberg beer festival is confirmed for June. 

I heard the other day that the Walberla festival was cancelled and it just beggars belief when we're hearing so much positivity about the coming months. The organizers said something about exhibitionists and artists needing to know months in advance. I find this absurd after they've been unemployed for 2 years - if there's even a chance of it happening and all it means is a little 'out of the box' thinking then surely you wait! Sometimes the mindset here is just way too rigid. 
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