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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2022-02-18 09:18:51
Yes, so many were like that - in Breitenguessbach, when a train was arriving, they locked you in the waiting room until it was stationery; only then were you allowed to walk across the track to get on!
At Ebing, if I remember correctly, the road actually went under the railway in an underpass, which you took to cross the line.  Now, it is pedestrianised and not possible to drive from one side to the other.  There doesn't actually seem to be any way of crossing the track by vehicle between Zapfendorf and Breitenguessbach. 

Looking at Google maps, there does seem to be a new bridge somewhere near the old Kemmern level crossing but it doesn't look that accessible from the forest.  However, the satellite image is probably out of date and, by now, it may be easily possible. When we walked from Merkendorf, it was a hot day and we were dying for a Seidla.  With Wagner so near, yet so far, we walked up and down the track trying to find a way over.  I wanted to go under using one of the land drain tunnels but Jacqueline steadfastly - and probably wisely - refused.  Annoyingly, the level crossing had only been closed up a couple of days previously!
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