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Posted by Jason on 2022-03-25 02:00:59
They will close the whiole line. If it was possible to take a train it would show on DB - e.g. bus to Forchheim then train. Traffic shouldn't be a problem but it's always a bit chaotic with the busses so don't expect a flawless operation, but you'll get here.

Actually it's better with the bus all the way, my partner had to do this in September last year for a week, bus to Forchheim then train to Erlangen. Nightmare, especially for a shift worker. The number of times the bus was late (driver went the wrong way once) and the train just left, or the train was late and the bus drove off wihout them (you have 1 job to do, right?) it was ridiculous. 

Sorry got a bit carried away but it's a sore point. 
                 S-Bahn by gavin brooksbank on  2022-03-26 04:51:24
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