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OT - Easter
Posted by Jason on 2022-02-10 03:23:41
It was a rule, but I think it was lifted by a Court in Bavaria. but it still exists in other states. When I was in Erfurt in November there was someone at the entrance checking your status. At the time when Delta infections were high I thought it sensible. But how many people get infected shopping with masks? Driving people into their homes (by far the highest driver of infection) really isn't the way forward. 

As you know, Germany is very Federal, and the pandemic has highlighted it massively. Berlin does what it wants most of the time anyway, but in Bavaria you will be checked 99% of the time. I was in Prague a few weeks ago and it was as you described; sporadic checks at best. I prefer consistency myself, it's not difficult. 

As said, I would estimate that the 2G rules in the gastronomy (only vaccinated or recovered) would be lifted come Easter. Feel free to check back in nearer the time. 
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