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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2022-02-10 09:12:18
If anything could make me break my teetotal status (medically imposed, certainly not choice!), it would be the thought of Forchheim.  Are three 'musts' sufficient for Neder?  I've only been in Hebendanz once since its reopening when it was posing as a rather chi-chi restaurant - is it still like that?  Mind you, the beer was ok, just not very inspiring surroundings, specially as we were the only clients and Neder was in full swing! 

While the Hebendanz Stub'n was closed, we used to drink Hebendanz beer in that rather odd pub (name escapes me) by the traffic lights on Bambergerstr., diametrically across from Greif.  It was a bit rough and ready but the owners were quite friendly and obliging and the clientele largely harmless.  I remember going in one Saturday afternoon and watching a Bundesliga match in which Bayern were playing.  It was quite crowded and when Bayern inevitably scored, the place erupted in a chorus of boos and catcalls.  Then I noticed that the walls were festooned with Nurnburg FC scarves and photo's!  I was quite happy to join in with the crowd.:  
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