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More closures
Posted by Jason on 2022-01-29 04:42:23
The last knockings? Ridiculous. Businesses close. Breweries have been shutting for decades. It's inevitable when there are so many breweries in such a small area, consumption is going down and bottled beer remains too cheap due to the influence of huge breweries and supermarkets. It could be that this strengthens the breweries with top products and good business models (and a next generation). I won't miss Eichhorn except at the Annafest. 

And where does this observation that "the taste seems to be for cheap, drink at home bottled stuff" come from? I don't see it. And why won't there be a revival? Bambergs breweries have increased by nearly 50% in the past 6 years. Unfortunately the quality is mainly poor, but people see a market for it. 
       More closures by Barry  on  2022-01-29 07:30:05
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