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More closures
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2022-02-03 06:50:07
Yes, they were always a bit sulky but the beer was good and the place quite nice, specially the little garden.  Given that their heart didn't really seem in it 4 years ago, I'm not surprised at the closure.

I don't wish to spread gloom and doom and am always heartened by the good news stories, long may the continue.  Franken was a big part of our life for years and also led us to Eschawo; it also led me back to Prague, as some people never stopped extolling its virtues - they were right, of course!  My consultant told me today that my liver was holding up well, partially down to my change of lifetsyle, though he stressed that, in his opinion, my the problem was not alcohol caused - nice but frstrating to know!

I;ve enjoyed the ride but, like General Sternwood, my drinking niw has to be enjoyed vicariously!.

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               More closures by gavinbrooksbank on  2022-02-04 10:44:58
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