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Brauerei Stirnweiss, Herreth
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2021-09-29 01:56:11
Positive news: The brewery had stopped brewing for a short period. In 2014 the brewery caught fire - since then the brewmaster brews its beer at Loffeld. It's NOT a contract brew, he brews it himself. The brewery at Herreth is undergoing restauration and hopefully will be in working order again soon. 

I'll be there for a visit as well very soon. 

 By the way: Where did this info come from that they stopped brewing in 2002? At least it was only a short break.
   Brauerei Stirnweiss, Herreth by Jason on  2021-09-29 03:47:25
   Brauerei Stirnweiss, Herreth by FredW on  2021-09-29 04:19:56
     Brauerei Stirnweiss, Herreth by TomM on  2021-09-29 04:48:42
       Brauerei Stirnweiss, Herreth by Jürgen Wening on  2021-09-29 05:02:21
         Brauerei Stirnweiss, Herreth by Jason on  2021-09-29 06:31:34
           Brauerei Stirnweiss, Herreth by Jürgen Wening on  2021-09-29 06:51:19
             Brauerei Stirnweiss, Herreth by Jason on  2021-09-29 07:59:00
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