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Posted by Andrew H on 2021-09-11 11:39:43
Interesting Jason, Does that mean that one has to prove vaccination for entry? Do you think they would accept uk proof translated to german?
     Bamberg - Misc.  by JohnRatcliffe on  2021-09-11 13:27:15
       Bamberg - Misc. Mahrs, Spezial, paper proof by B N on  2021-09-11 19:47:50
         Bamberg - Misc. Mahrs, Spezial, paper proof by Andrew H on  2021-09-12 00:38:50
           Bamberg - Misc. Mahrs, Spezial, paper proof by Uncle Jimbo on  2021-09-12 11:35:39
             Bamberg - Misc. Mahrs, Spezial, paper proof by Gerhars Schoolmann on  2021-09-12 23:36:07
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