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current restrictions bamberg etc
Posted by gavin brooksbank on 2021-08-05 12:09:05
yeah im all clear on what i need to get in and back in to the uk, no quarantine either end as im fully vaccinated. it was more the situation on the ground in franconia, particularly pubs obviously, that im interested in
                 current restrictions bamberg etc by Jason on  2021-08-06 01:49:35
                   current restrictions bamberg etc by gavin brooksbank on  2021-08-06 03:54:29
                   current restrictions bamberg etc by Jeff on  2021-08-09 13:32:22
                     current restrictions bamberg etc by Jason  on  2021-08-10 06:00:12
                       current restrictions bamberg etc by Uncle Jimbo on  2021-08-10 23:15:42
                         current restrictions bamberg etc by Jason on  2021-08-11 00:53:27
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