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Posted by Jason on 2021-06-25 03:03:32
Schlenkerla have now raised their prices from 3,40 - 3,60 per seidla. I know that for many around the world this remains 'cheap' so I think we can avoid a 'our prices are higher than yours exchange' but it's getting a bit ridiculous. It was only a few years ago it crossed the EUR3 barrier. I'm aware of the costs of COVID, at least as a layman. 

At what point though do you raise them to a point that people drink less and therefore it backfires? Or that people do not tip? There has barely been any inflation for years so people aren't necessarily earning more. Although I am not one of them, it does put me off drinking in the city.

A friend of mine told me the Chinese Tower in Munich is now charging over EUR10 for a Maß. Surely these sort of prices will drive people away, especially when bottled beer remains so cheap. 

Maybe I'm overreacting. Or maybe it's time for another beer war. 
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