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Situation update in Franken
Posted by Jason on 2021-03-05 05:21:56
Well it's certainly good to hear positive stories from other parts of the world. The problems here are; firstly EU procurement so we haven't had much vaccine yet; now we have vaccine, the federal system is causing so much chaos and;; Germany's digital infrastructure is terrible for a country of its wealth and status. There are about 3 million doses of vaccine in refrigerators right now and that's going to grow. They only operate a limited staff on the weekend because they're too frugal to pay extra!? It's madness. Too rich for its own good.

adidas and a number of DAX companies are offering to vaccinate their workers with their company doctors (at their expense) in order to help move things forward. But of course this needs a lot of thought and consideration from the powers that be. I know there are things to consider, but if I was losing billions a week and facing sinking popularity in an election year (Merkel aside as she's stepping down) I would be accepting all help that accelerates the roll out. 

Roght enough about Covid, I'm off to Mönchsambach to pick up Brotzeit and a 10 litre barrel for the weekend. 
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