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Posted by FredW on 2021-02-28 08:36:56
I am familiar a bit with one (private) Kommunbrauhaus not far from Bamberg.

They brew 5-6 weekends a year, depending on the weather. The fermenting room is insulated but has no artificial cooling so that is the limiting factor.

When a brew is in progress, the previous batch is transfered from the fermenter into barrels (so still quite young) and members take their share and keep them in their cellars. Mostly this is not the basement of their house but in one of a row dug into a nearby hillside.

I don't remember how large the brew house was but it a typical size for a smaller Franconian brewery. State of the art Kaspar Schulz -- from 1892 smiley

The beer was very, very good.

The village used to own a slaughterhouse, bakery and fruit press (and maybe others) as well but only the brewery survives.
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