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OT (a bit): News from Eschawo
Posted by Jason on 2021-01-25 22:55:24
I had the Schafferhof back in the summer. It was absolutely terrible on that day, so medicinal I had to pour it into the plants. A shame, I'm sure it was a one off. The Binner was excellent and the Schoilmichl just fine. 

I'm not sure if Ludwig is correct about second vaccinations. I'm sure these are guaranteed (they'll reduce new vaccinations first). For example Beth has had her first and will have her second in a week. But other healthcare workers in Erlangen will have to wait for their first. 

Aside from the predictable vaccine chaos, numbers here are slowly falling due to the measures. The worst areas remain in the old east, Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg etc. pockets of bad areas in Bayern like Coburg (again) and around Hof (again). I have a theory about AFD voters but it's probably a red herring. 

As for the way forward, it doesn't seem as simple as the spring. As soon as you open things the numbers will rise again. I think shops etc and schools will reopen mid-late February but the gastronomy? April is still optimistic unless they get vaccinating and these new variations are kept out.
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