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Posted by Jason on 2020-12-31 05:57:23
They don't fly flags Barry, this is Germany remember. It's not something you'll hear there possibly more than in any other brewery at the tables of retired know-it-all's who, having lived through possibly the best times in human history, think that they have had the requisite experience to have an opinion on everything, rarely backed up by anything more than spurious hearsay and ignorance. The same guys who don't wear masks,  would vote for German Brexit and would push refugee boats back into the Med . It's a fascinating corollary.

As said before, a friend of mine lives opposite the brewery and other friends have lived there and they have organized rallies for the AFD and even a right wing youth movement, the name of which I forget. As also said, if someone went to Kraus I wouldn't think anything less of them. How many other places that I frequent are of the same mind but not so blatant? 

Brobier brew at Schloß Reckendorf and are 2 young guys. And considering many young people can't even get on the housing ladder without parental help, getting a building, equipment and the rest would cost a lot of money. And banks wouldn't lend to such a company for that purpose with a saturated market. But they are very up to speed with social media and have marketed their beers well. 

Schroll is still brewing. Can't remember what happened but it was a mix up. They definitely had some beer bottled at Spezi, but it was just due to the increase in demand afaik. 
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