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Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen!
Posted by Jason on 2020-12-24 08:02:37
Your question regarding Getränkemärkte - almost, second umlaut needed in Markte as it's also plural. 

Regarding canning in general, I think you suffer (as did I, to a much lesser degree) from being exposed to bad canned beer. The UK was and still is awash with cans of beer, most of which are terrible. But that's not the cans fault. 

I drink some canned beer that I buy from Weyermann and Bierothek, some of which are German (more Berlin/Hamburg) and they are fine. As they are more prominent in the US, I would trust what your US friends say. Cans are better for the beer (presume you know this)  and the environment. But they won't become common here, it's just not going to happen. Yes, bottling lines are the most expensive asset a brewery needs, but takeaway trade here is massive on account of cheap prices and such things as cases. So it's all geared to bottles here, including recycling etc. The cans you see are small concerns. 

Draft German beer is almost always better, however I'm not sure the guys over the water are comparing cans with draft, it's more cans with bottles. Also, I've had st Bernardus on draft and bottled and I couldn't discern the difference. Not sure whether they 'can' but I'll take your word for it. Certain beers are better from the bottle (vs draft), especially stronger beers. Many breweries here don't offer their Weizen on draft because they appreciate the secondary fermentation in the bottle. 

This is where I wonder about cans, where you want to age beers or where they contain yeast also in the sense of Belgium ales - would the beer still mature and improve (if you prefer aged examples of course). What about sour beers? 

One thing is for sure, I've had fresh IPAs and great imperial stouts in cans over the past month and I would say it is more likely the cans have contributed to this rather than detracted. 
             Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen! by jost on  2020-12-24 12:07:49
               Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen! by jost on  2020-12-24 12:11:39
                 Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen! by jost on  2020-12-24 12:16:08
               Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen! by Jason  on  2020-12-25 04:52:35
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