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Frohes Sonnenwende
Posted by Jason on 2020-12-23 04:34:10
All the best to everyone.

I am about to stock up on my festive supplies, I already have a small barrel of Gradl bock and I will add Theinheim Landbier and Kaiser Festbier barrels... I toyed with 5 litre cans but beer tastes so much better from the barrel and if I close the whistle each time I pour the beer stays relatively fresh across 2 days. 

I hope 2021 brings better times. I also hope the government here wakes up and gets rid of this ridiculous loophole that prevents brewery pubs getting support for November/ December because they have beer sales and are a 'joint operation'. And yet and bakery with a cafe gets support. It's ridiculous and shocking how this hasn't been resolved yet, but I'm hopeful it will be. 

Hope to see many of you soon! 
           Frohes Sonnenwende by Jason on  2020-12-23 04:36:14
           Frohes Sonnenwende by Mark Andersen on  2020-12-23 07:21:48
             Frohes Sonnenwende by Barry Taylor on  2020-12-24 03:51:00
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