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Engel-Bräu moves to Feuchtwangen
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-12-08 07:02:20
Thanks Juergen - wow, it's complicated!  I remember the difficulties I had when researching the hisory of Eschawo but that's one tiny village, not a complete kingdom or principlaity or dukedom - whatever!

German mediaeval history is very, very complex; it seems to me to be much more so than that of Britain but I'm not a historian, though I'm a big fan of historical books.  Just finished The Winter King by Thomas Penn, which is the story of Henry VII, who not many people know much about but is really the founder of the modern English state.  It's a bit like reading a history of contemporary Britain.  Read it and you'll see why.

Sorry, Fred, a bit off-topic but it is a quiet time on the Forum!
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