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Gunnar Eriksson RIP
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-11-18 03:36:37
I didn't want the recent passing of our former correspondent, Gunnar Eriksson, from Stockholm (I think) to go unrecorded.  For those newer to this Forum, Gunnar was a regular and very knowledgable Forummer for a number of years, possibly from the start.  He loved Franken and Frankische beers and, as someone remarked elsewhere, he delighted in walking to out of town breweries.

We exchanged views on the Forum many times but met only once: I can't remember the exact year but perhaps 2014 or 2015.  A small party arranged to visit Drei Kronen in Strasgiech during the period when it was being run by Manuela and Andi Gaenstaller - I think Jacqueline and myself, Don Scheidt and perhaps Nick Bruels.  It was a really horribly wet day and I recall that we were all squashed into the bus, which was like a sauna! 

Manuela explained that Andi was brewing up in Schnaid but would be in later.  We had a lovely afternoon, great food (even us veggies!) and, eventually, Andi appeared.  He was fairly hot and tired after a hard day in the brewery but, as usual, extremely hospitable.  We had been drinking his lovely beer all afternoon but he brought quite a few bottles of different brews to try, including a very strong, dark lager, I recall.  I don't know the details but I think that Gunnar acted as a sort of PR person for Andi in Sweden and some of the beers were for him to sample - but there was enough for everyone!  Eventually, it was time for us to go and, typically, Andi refused to take payment for the beer.

So, only one meeting but one that was memorable.  RIP Gunnar.
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