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Brauerei Lippert, Lichtenfels
Posted by Jason on 2020-08-28 10:52:30
Took a trip out to Lichtenfels to visit this long term home brewer who has turned a dream into a reality by having his own brewery and tasting room. 

It's set in an industrial building quite close to the station (15min walk). Very modern setup with the tasting room setup around the brewery. Could be a craft brewery, but isn't. Firstly I would say hat off for doing this, it was a very pleasant experience with excellent food, a warm welcome and cosy atmosphere, in spite of the big open space. 

The beers... well, the helles was fine, if a little basic. The Weizen was the best of the 3 on draft, a little sweet but that suits my taste. The Rauchbier was a typical non Bamberg version I would say. Too hoppy, not enough dark malt (though it was dark) and quite astringent. But I don't like to criticize too much. 

There are many better breweries of course, but if in the area I would say it's worth a visit for an alternative view of Franconian beer. I doubt I would come back, but as said, kudos to the brewer and I hope he and his business go well. 

   Brauerei Lippert, Lichtenfels  by Barry Taylor on  2020-08-29 03:19:57
   Brauerei Lippert, Lichtenfels  by Kim Lund Johansen on  2020-08-29 05:38:26
     Brauerei Lippert, Lichtenfels  by Jason on  2020-08-29 06:56:44
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