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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-08-22 05:38:20
Yes, sad to hear.  During our first visit to Bamberg, we stayed in a little studio apartment in Ziegelgasse.  Our route in and out town took us past Torschuster, so we often called in for a late night drink and chat with Thomas.  He was keen on folk music and played what I would call 'commercial' Irish music (Chieftains, etc.).  He was interested in hearing some more traditional stuff, so I sent a cassette to him.

Strangely, I was never in there again, simply because we never stayed in that part of town again and, on later visits, discovered lots of alternatives, then, more or less, moved out of town (Forchheim, Seigendorf, Buttenheim and, of course, Ebensfeld).  But, Torschuster is well lodged in my memory bank along with all the other great places in Bamberg.  Shame if no one takes it over.
     Torschuster  by JohnRatcliffe  on  2020-08-22 05:48:44
       Torschuster  by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-08-22 09:26:33
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