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News on Oberhaid
Posted by Jason on 2020-07-13 08:44:54
The pils or whatever that they have (from bottles?) has been brewed elsewhere (Weismain I think) for many years, and as Andrew and Mark can attest, tastes much better than the stuff they have on tap. And is what the locals drink. 

It has 2 claims to fame in my life, it was the first brewery I actually visited in Franconia, on my first trip in 2007. Myself and a friend visited Abseits and then randomly took a train to Oberhaid and visited the Keller. I'm sure the beer was fine. My last visit, again the Keller in 2016, constitutes the only time I have poured drat beer away in Franconia. It was undrinkable. 
             News on Oberhaid by JohnRatcliffe on  2020-07-13 10:36:32
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