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Posted by Barm on 2020-05-23 08:12:41
By coincidence the other day Ron Pattinson posted an extract from the classic "Obergärige Biere und ihre Herstellung" by Schönfeld where the author claims that bottom-fermenting yeast struggles in low-gravity worts:

"The period of the increase was due to war regulations. The lack of raw materials increasingly forced gravities to be reduced. In order to save malt and barley, it had to be constantly stretched. With the reduction to 6%, there were no difficulties with bottom fermentation with regard to yeast propagation, maturation and fermentation. When, according to further regulations, beers with a wort content of more than 5% were not allowed to be produced and the breweries were forced under the constraints of the circumstances to lower the wort content to 4%, then to 3% and finally even further, bottom-fermenting yeast started to fail. It hardly supplied the required amount of spores for its own business, sat down hastily without having gotten into sufficient fermentation and lay loosely on the ground."
"Obergärige Biere und ihre Herstellung" by Dr. Franz Schönfeld, 2nd edition, Verlag von Paul Parey, Berlin, 1938, page 131.
                                         Heinzlein by FredW on  2020-05-23 08:49:54
                                           Heinzlein is bottom fermented by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-05-30 12:00:37
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