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Krug, Geisfeld
Posted by Jason on 2020-01-22 01:47:31
Interesting, but I was more referring to contracts between the owner and the potential renter which would have mitigated any losses associated with having 900 litres of beer and nowhere to sell it.

Again though, I don't know exactly what happened. My opinion, which is why I was sceptical when I read "bier sommelier", is that the romantic idea of having your own brewery and pub in Franconia was soon overrun by the realisation that it's actually hard work, quite boring and not necessarily well renumerated, especially if you're paying some form of rent. Combining a hobby and a business doesn't often work out. 
           Krug, Geisfeld  by Mosquit on  2020-01-22 21:51:20
             Krug, Geisfeld  by Jason on  2020-01-23 00:17:34
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