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Posted by Kim Lund Johansen on 2019-12-09 11:57:05
I'm specific trying to find the ones in Franconia. But people are welcome to chime in with breweries from other parts of Germany. I have today discovered even more breweries bringing my total list up to:

Drei Kronen(Memmelsdorf) 
Hölzlein (Lohndorf)
Winkler (Melkendorf)
Pfister (Weigelsdorf)
Gänstaller (Schnaid)
Brauerei Prechtel (Uehlfeld)
Brauerei Först (Drügendorf)
Brauerei Kaiser (Burgebrach)
Brauerei Goldene Adler
Lieberth (Hallerndorf)
                   Coolships by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2019-12-09 13:13:53
                   Coolships by Nor on  2019-12-09 23:52:50
                     Coolships by Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-12-10 00:02:24
                       Coolships by Nor on  2019-12-10 04:21:05
                         Coolships by Jason on  2019-12-10 05:53:56
                           Coolships by Nor on  2019-12-10 06:18:52
                             Coolships by Carl on  2019-12-10 07:31:07
                               Coolships by Jason on  2019-12-10 11:04:16
                               Coolships by FredW on  2019-12-10 11:14:55
                                 Coolships by Mosquit on  2019-12-11 00:30:00
                                 Coolships by AndyH on  2019-12-11 02:47:00
                                   Coolships by FredW on  2019-12-11 03:15:30
                                   Coolships by Nor on  2019-12-11 03:42:09
                                     Coolships by Mosquit on  2019-12-11 04:28:14
                                       Coolships by TomM on  2019-12-11 06:42:15
                                         Coolships by Nor on  2019-12-11 07:48:51
                                           Coolships by TomM on  2019-12-11 08:10:09
                                             Coolships by Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-12-11 11:00:07
                                             Coolships by Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-12-11 11:01:27
                                               Coolships by Brian W on  2019-12-12 09:45:26
                                                 Coolships by TomM on  2019-12-13 01:20:25
                                 Coolships by Andrew H on  2019-12-14 02:52:47
                                                   Coolships by Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-12-14 13:53:37
                                     Coolships by AndyH on  2019-12-16 03:06:12
                       Coolships by basilis_artsanos on  2020-12-15 02:05:09
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