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Sandkerwa questions
Posted by Jason on 2022-07-28 07:45:11
As with anything, I would say visit once and then you know for sure. I would say it's definitely worth it. Like any Kerwa festival a good time to explore is after noon and before 18:00. After that it's a lot of fun but also very busy and finding specific beers is difficult.  

As far as beer is concerned, it is (or was) a good opportunity to get some beers from outside of Bamberg in the city. The exact breweries, except the Bamberg city ones, I can't be sure about - a lot of the bars also run outside beer points and things change so the whole thing is very fluid. Here are some that I can remember from previous years: 

Hummel (gravity barrels) 
Sonne Bischberg
Will Schederndorf 

As far as where, come early and have a wonder, it's not too difficult to find the stalls, especially around the St Elizabeth Church. 

Side note: there will be a lot of places closed before, on or after Sandkerwa. In particular Brauerei Spezial, Spezi Keller, Wilde Rose Keller and Greifenklau. Kellers that close in their high season! sad In the countryside it's even more important to check ahead during this time of year.
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