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Update on the state of affairs in Bayern - update on Wales (possibly)
Posted by JohnRatcliffe on 2020-06-19 09:56:19
The nearest pub to me with both outdoor space and decent beer usually has around 6 tables on the pavement. Is it going to be worthwhile for them to open just for a dozen or so people? And would they be able to keep their beer in good nick(usually 6 pumps)? Its chucking it down at the moment, so that would have been their Friday night gone. Hard to think of any city centre pub with outdoor space. Most places rely on being rammed on Friday and Saturday nights(and lunchtime on a match day) to cover costs. Will it be worth their while to open ot 30% capacity? And of course, no more match days for the foreseeable future. Dont know what the answer is, we will never have a Mediterranean climate, I guess we will have to wait for a vaccine.
           Update on the state of affairs in Bayern - update on Wales (possibly) by Andrew H on  2020-06-20 01:16:45
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