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Gäntaller Shop in Bamberg
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2020-06-15 03:37:58
The Atelier der Braukünste and Blech.Brut are owners of a can filling machine, that stands in the Brauhaus Binkert (MainSeidla), where both are brewing too.

The Atelier der Braukünste uses 0.44 l-cans. So, my idea, Andy Gänstaller used existing, empty 0.44 l-cans. For me this makes more sense than 0.33 l-cans

Blech.Brut and Atelier der Braukünste have together  another brand, called antirakete artbrewingg.
A podcast/interview with Benedikt Steger and  Nico Döring

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