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Video Stammtisch anyone?
Posted by FredW on 2020-06-09 07:08:28

I have done a couple of virtual drinking sessions via Google Meet the past few weeks and they were more fun than I was expecting -- or maybe I am just craving social contact smiley

So, if there is interest I thought I'd do one for the board. Timing is an issue because we span at least 9 time zones. So I arbitrarily picked this Sunday at:
  • 11am West Coast US
  • 2pm East Coast US
  • 7pm Ireland/UK
  • 8pm Continental Europe
If you are interested, just reply to this message but enter your actual email address when you do -- I will use that for the invitation.

I've found that when we get more than 10 people it gets a bit unwieldy, especially when alcohol is involved.

And if you can't make it this Sunday but like the idea, let me know and we'll do another.

Google Meet works on all modern browsers (not IE). Having an Android phone, Google knows everything there is to know about me anyway smiley
   Video Stammtisch anyone? by Carl on  2020-06-09 18:45:00
   Video Stammtisch anyone? by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-06-09 23:30:46
   Video Stammtisch anyone? by JohnRatcliffe on  2020-06-10 01:28:19
   Video Stammtisch anyone? by Barry Taylor on  2020-06-10 03:20:06
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