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Of franconian yeast
Posted by Joris Puidokas on 2020-06-05 04:45:26
Hello, good people! Hope all good and alive!
I have a question here for mighty experts of Franconian beer (no irony!).  Question regarding the small and old independent breweries such as Greinfenklau (XVIII c.), Rittmayer (XV c.), ect. Lager yeast orginated in this region we call Franconia-Franken, because of many factors: the most important factor was that of repitching the yeast from the one succesful batch to another (here comes the Hefner). This technique acted as breeding program. What these guys were brewing with, actually was not somekind of yeast isolate, but a whole culture, consisted of many microbs - yeasts and bacterias. Then in XIX c. in Copenhagen, in Carslbergs laboratory, guy named Hansen isolated one strain of lager yeast. And this changed the whole game for centuries to come.

The question - having in mind all the knowledge and connections you have here, guys - do you know of any Franconian brewery still brewing beer with yeast culture, which are cultivated continuously, instead of yeast isolates? Or all of them, just like rest of the world, went with scientific approach and brews with isolates, getting rid of them after few batches and starting anew?
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