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Musings on current situation in Bamberg
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2020-06-05 02:09:36
You are right about the food.
P.e. our Café Abseits has canceled the changing daily special und adjusted the menu for some self-convenience dishes. Until at least end of June.

The economic / financial situation of each restaurant is very differently, dependent on
- how many employees are insured with unemployment insurance (most ot the owners, all trainees and "Mini-Jobs§" with less than 450 Euros are not)
- the Indebtedness (a problem for the most start-ups, new opened or relaunched restaurants)
- the amount of the lease (a problem for the restaurants in the middle of cities, where You need a full workload)
- whether a restaurant meets the requirements for government grants (a problem für new restaurants and also restaurants with more than 10 jobs (arithmetical full-time positions)).
- whether a restaurant has/needs many tourists as customers
- whether a restaurant is part of another business (p.e. brewpubs, hotel restaurants etc.).
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