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A day in Forchheim
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-30 03:27:57
Yesterday I spent a very pleasant day in Forchheim, visiting Neder and the Kellerberg. The Neder pub is shut (inside), but the brewery yard out the back was packed with 'the usual' suspects. The beer was good as always these days. I've never been to the back of the breweries and it really is a lovely spot, like going back in time. The pub at hebendanz remains closed and I doubt it will open the same way again. 

We then went up to the Kellers. Hebendanz Keller was pleasant, beer was fine. Then Greif, though the beer no longer seems to be tapped from gravity. It was therefore rather a 'boring' seidla, the least good of the day. Then we went up to the Neder Keller. Again, very enjoyable beer, though noticeably different to the gravity poured version enjoyed earlier in the day. Eichhorn Keller was also open (as were a couple of others). Attendance was ok, probably perfectly fine for a pleasant (not hot at 21 degrees) May day. 

News came today that beer gardens / outdoor gastronomy can open until 22uhr (same as inside), ending the rather farcical week where you could stay in the arguably more dangerous inside until 22uhr but outside had to shut at 20uhr. 

Today I am starting at Rittmayer in Aisch where the beer is excellent as always. I shall be visiting Roppelt and Lieberth Kellers later via (maybe) the Laufer Keller. Again, it's windy and cool, but sunny, and Monday is a holiday so I'm expecting some moderate crowds. 

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