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Current situation re openings / conditions
Posted by Nick B (ex-ErlangerNick) on 2020-05-21 07:30:06
Are they talking about what risk factors there are? I've been talking to nurses outside the hospital across the street from where I'm currently lodging. I have a good idea of what they say are risk factors. But it's not really being talked about in the "media" over here, or at least, that's what people say in the health & fitness corner of the internet I hang out in these days.

It does sound like the UK is being sold quite a conservative approach, that sounds counter-productive: stay indoors, out of the sun (such as is available there anyway), out of the fresh air. It's being partially sold that way here, FWICT, but then again we Yanks being the way we are, we just march down to the capitol building armed to the teeth and protest when we don't like something. 
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