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Current situation re openings / conditions
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-24 04:35:06
I wasn't only referring to the people on this Forum, and I am talking from experience: when I say I come from Jersey to someone from the mainland of the UK many think you grew up with a swimming pool a private yacht. I'm pretty sure that on one of the first ocassions I met Jacqueline I had the distinct impression she judged me very quickly on that, and that it took her quite a lot of time to warm to me. Beth's mother was the same (Liverpool) - she even mentioed to Beth that I was posh (in a joking kind of way). One is much more likely to notice these things when it is happening to you. 

My father was at Oldham Athletic and Southend United, but didn't make the cut and in those days it was no way to make a living in the lower leagues. He was a forward, later a centre back but never went in goal. Anyway, this whole situation is clearly sending us all a little round the bend. 

I was in Treuchtlingen with the express intension to visit the Wettelsheimer Keller. I was able to share a few pleasant beers with Juergen and though the weather wasn't quite as nice as it has been I had a great afternoon. Although it was a Friday (and after a public holiday that normally means most are off) it wasn't hugely busy. I really think people are reluctant to come out - as we mentioned earlier in this thread (I think???). 

The beer was very nice (a little flat). Lovely to have it gravity poured, but when the keller isn't so full it shows. A very impressive place indeed and highly recommneded. It's not THAT big though... would be interested to know how many people. I guess it's bigger than most kellers outside of Bamberg (city) and obviously Munich though. 
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