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Which breweries ~3,5%-4% would you like to try?
Posted by Jor on 2020-05-09 13:29:03
Schlenkerla and Spezial are clearly competent enough, as are others. I imagine a lower strength Herrenpils could struggle to still hold my interest for long. But beyond competency, if fresh, I'd love to try the Hallerndorfs beers at lower strength. Especially Lieberth and Roppelt, curious about Witzgall, but never having had Landbier from draft I imagine it shines at its slightly 'elevated' strength. Yet a good option.
As much as I love Eichhorn, they'd have to redial considerably I believe. Assuming we're talking about gravity dispense for the final beer, Griess. I'd love to try. FInd that beer particulary complex yet at ease, to the point it could excel in the UK. A sub 4% take could be very interesting. Scharpf could land a surprise, outstanding surprise, I think. For different reasons, but equally could a few of the darker Kellers from the Franconian Schweiz!

Exciting question. Gonna try to bring it up on the next trip!
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