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Re-openings : beer gardens and restaurants
Posted by Jeff on 2020-05-09 06:13:48
Peoples appearances have vastly changed.  I don't personally know most of the people I am referring to but i see them on a regular basis and say hello.  Some people have lost all color to them, lost weight, appear to have aged a couple of years and look like they have just gotten out of an underground prison.  Other people have gained considerable weight which is easy to understand why.  People's hair, including facial hair is all over the place. Some long, some short and a lot more people with hats on. My original comment was based the wide variety of change between each person.  If we all gained a couple pounds and had long hair i wouldn't have thought much about it
             Re-openings : beer gardens and restaurants by Jason  on  2020-05-09 12:34:05
               Re-openings : beer gardens and restaurants by Mark Andersen on  2020-05-09 12:50:49
                 Re-openings : beer gardens and restaurants by Jason  on  2020-05-09 13:19:00
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